Rabbi Sharon Brous Compares Sunday’s Rally For Israel To A Laker Rally

Rabbi Sharon Brous writes for the Jewish Journal.

I wonder if she will face any consequences for the appalling things she wrote. I expect her congregation of Ikar is far more leftist than Jewish and so they really don’t give a damn about Israel and don’t mind having a rabbi who doesn’t care either.

If you go to Ikar and you care more about Judaism, Jews and the survival of the Jewish state than you do about left-wing politics, then you must leave your temple. You have no choice. How can you keep giving money to support a rabbi with such views?

Dennis Prager was appalled by what Rabbi Brous wrote. He mentioned it on his radio show Wednesday as an example of how leftism has permeated Jewish life to the extent that leftist values become more important to most American Jews than the survival of the Jewish state.

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