Race Baiting

From Dennis Prager’s blog:

H1: Race Baiting With Dennis Prager
Prager H1: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are squabbling over who gets the most credit for civil rights progress – ML King or Lyndon Johnson. It’s funny and absurd debate or as Bill Maher noted "these are challenging times for the politically correct." The Michigan primary is today. If McCain wins, it’s curtains for Mitt Romney and maybe Rudy Giuliani.

   Length: 00:33:55

Tuesday January 15, 2008
Prager H2: Dennis talks to associate editor of the editorial page of Investor’s Business Daily, Terry Adams. Dennis has been very impressed by the work on this page. The discussion ranges over economic and political topics, including fair tax and flat tax.
   Length: 00:34:17
Tuesday January 15, 2008
H3: Heart and Soul With Dennis Prager
Prager H3: Last month the governor of New Jersey signed a bill banning capital punishment in that state. He said he did so by following his heart. But is the heart a good compass on which to base your decisions? Dennis challenges this popular notion.
   Length: 00:33:42

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