Dennis Prager: Who Lost Turkey?

Over the past five years, Turkey, which has the second biggest army in NATO, has moved from an ally of the West to an ally of Iran.

I guess Turkey, along with more and more of the world, is aligning with Iran because they see more advantages to do that than to align with the United States.

Under Barack Obama, the U.S. beats up on its friends (Israel, England, etc) and sucks up to its enemies (Iran and much of the Islamic world).

Turkey has been part of NATO since its inception. Now it has a radical Islamic party in power. It’s trying to dismantle secular parts of Turkey and place the country in bed with Iran.

It was Turks that attacked the Israeli soldiers on the flotilla Monday.

I don’t think there’s any stomach in NATO to eject Turkey, but the Europeans must be worried, says Dore Gold (former Israel ambassador to the United Nations) on the Dennis Prager radio show today.

Israel has warned its citizens not to travel to Turkey. Until now, about 300,000 Israelis a year traveled to Turkey. No longer.
The Islamists in Turkey have switched the Army to their side.

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