An impromtu debate between Rabbi Shmuley and Dennis Prager as they travel through Africa

This was recorded during Thanksgiving, 2009.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: “Values are not just abortion and gay marriage.”

Dennis Prager: “Those are very huge.”

Shmuley: “Values are family values. Keeping families together is the main thing. I don’t see where gays come into it. I think it’s a bogeyman.”

Dennis: “Whether marriage is redefined is a bogeyman? Whether girls will be raised to marry a man or a woman?”

Shmuley: “That can not compare to the disintegration of the family in our time. That’s why Christian pastors such as Rick Warren and Joel Olsteen don’t even get involved in this issue anymore. They don’t touch it.”

Dennis: “They’re worthless. They are Deepok Chopras of Christianity. They say nothing. They are meaningless popularizers who say nothing.”

Shmuley: “I think Rick Warren does a huge amount.”

Dennis: “I think he does nothing. He is a Deepok Chopra of Christianity. He’s beach Olsteen, and I was on with Olsteen on Hannity.”

Shmuley: “I give Olsteen a lot of credit.”

Dennis: “For what?”

Shmuley: “He takes Biblical teachings and shared them with millions of people. I wish Jews would do what he does.”

Dennis: “I wish that too… I gave up on Jews spreading a mission. Jews spread environmentalism and feminism.”

Shmuley: “Gay marriage diverted us from the real values discussion.”

“Why have evangelical Christians become marginal in the United States? These two issues. People are tired of abortion and gay marriage. Joel Olsteen and Rick Warren are showing that Christianity is more than talking about gays.”

Dennis: “The Talmud says that abortion is murder for a non-Jew.”

Shmuley: “What happened to the Promise Keepers? They started talking about gay marriage. They were amazing. What happened to them?”

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