Arguments For Staying Faithful To Your Wife

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager gave advice to men on how to stay faithful.

“If you have an affair, you’re hiding something from your wife. The more you hide from your spouse, the less close you are. The defining element of closeness is the ability and desire to tell everything. You are walking around hiding something.

“If you have a sustained affair, you are spending most of your time hiding it from your spouse.

“Number two. Use your head. Know the likelihood of terrible prices paid for an affair. Think of the price paid if your wife had an affair. Ask is this sexual excitement tonight worth the price you’ll pay?”

“You don’t know what will happen with the other woman. How will she act? She’s all loving when you have this infidelity, but you think she’s going to disappear into the ionesphere if you just want to go home? Some do. We just don’t know which ones are.

“Three. It doesn’t work sexually.” It doesn’t reduce your desire for sexual variety.

“Four. Avoid temptation.”

“Five. Have excitement in other ways. A hobby. Sport. There are a lot of ways to have an adrenalin rush.”

“Six. Have good men as your male friends. Men take their cues from other men.”

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