In The USA, You Determine How People Will React To You

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager says: “I’ve had this terrible sciatica recur. It’s very bad right now. It’s where you have a disc from your spine bulging out and touching nerves, the sciatic nerve goes down the back of your leg to your ankle. There’s nothing you can do about the pain because nerves are nerves. I’ll probably end up with surgery. It’s a routine surgery. Don’t send me all the solutions. I’ve tried most of them and they worked for most of the time but now it is too much of a disc bulge, it is nine millimeters. It’s huge.

“I should be rolling across airports. When I went to Denver this past weekend to speak with Sarah Palin and Hugh Hewitt, I was wheeled around in a wheelchair. I could walk but not far. It was too painful.

“I was in a wheelchair and I had never been in a wheelchair before. It’s a different way of looking at the world.

“When you encounter someone in a wheelchair in an elevator, who’s the one to break the ice?

“I decided that when I was wheeled around, I would act as I act when I walk around. I found that people reacted the same way. I am very sensitive to human reaction. Once the wheelchair person did the everything is OK, everything is normal, everyone is happy. I kidded around with kids, with adults. Same reaction.

“Maybe it is the handicapped who need to put the non-handicapped at ease as much as the non-handicapped need to put the handicapped at ease. We are such a pity-based compassion-based culture that we don’t make any demands on people upon whom we have compassion — the poor, the minority, the handicapped. We hurt these people.

“To say that society must do all the work is terrible advice.

“I say to the handicapped, you are as responsible for how you are perceived as the non-handicapped.

“The minority is as responsible for making the majority feel comfortable as vice-versa.”

“You act like you are persecuted, you’ll feel persecuted. You act normal, you’ll be treated normal.”

“The biggest fraudulent line of the left is power to the people. It’s power to the state and disempower people.”

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