YULA Fires Three Veteran Teachers

Here’s a Facebook group that has sprung up to protest this firing.

Teacher Manny Katz writes: To my present and former students, You may have heard that I am leaving YULA. The truth is that I have been fired for no apparent reason, as have Rabbi Niehaus and Carol Bess. The three of us have been at YULA since its founding 31 years ago. I would like this message to be forwarded to as many ex-students as possible to set the record straight. Also, I am seeking testimonials from my students. If you write one, I thank you in advance. Consider it payback for the many letters of recommendation I have written — just kidding. I’m not trying to keep my job. To me, it’s all about respect. After 31 years of dedicated service to this school, I feel I deserve more than to suddenly be discarded like yesterday’s newspaper.

My greatest rewards have come from teaching all of you.

Manny Katz

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