Charles, an attorney, emails me:

You are an immigrant. My grandparents were immigrants. I am Chabad. I once spoke about this to a highly respected Chabad rabbi and I agree with what he told me. This country welcomed my grandparents with open arms and a big smile backed up with full rights, a social safety net and the opportunity to climb as high as their skill dedication and ambition allowed. While some of the pre-war policies were spotty, after the war most of those whose descendants
Make up the bulk of American ortho Jewry were welcomed here after the war. So . . .

I think it unseemly for us (the Jews) to be involved in hauling up the ladder. Maybe that is what’s right for the country, maybe for environmental reasons or economic or cultural reasons. But is it for us, the beneficiaries of this largesse, who by G-d’s grace live in what the Lubavitcher Rebbe said again and again is a “malchus shel chesed” to say ad can vsu lo- this far and no farther?

There is no lack of anti-immigration legal or illegal advocates who will competently advocate this position.

For us, who live free and thrive because and only because of the legislative embodiment of the Statute of Liberty’s welcoming arms–at most–leave it alone. If the doors close in whole or in part, let’s not seek to lead here. Rather devote our energies to improving life for those who by whatever means live here now. leave the fences searchlights and German Shepards to others.

First they came for . . . .

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