Dr. Gershon Hepner Back In Prison

This is his second felony conviction.

The Pico-Robertson resident went back to prison about three months ago. He’ll be away for a few years.

Rabbi Steven Weil of Beth Jacob wrote a letter in 2005 pleading for Dr. Hepner to get his medical license back.

No matter how many felonies Dr. Hepner racks up, he’ll never be banned from any shul in Pico-Robertson. Nor will the doctor who lost his medical license for having sex with a patient. Nor will the Orthodox screenwriters of raunchy R-rated movies and TV shows. (I don’t want any of them banned.)

Gershon Hepner’s… runs a major poker ring — makes his living from this — at his parents house every week that attracts many prominent Jews in Pico-Robertson, including one Harkham-Hillel Hebrew Academy rabbi.

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