Pray For The Porn Stars

Shelley Lubben writes:

I need you to pray for myself and my team at AVN Porn Convention. We are one of the only ministries who will reach out to porn stars as well as pass out truth tracts to porn fans to educate them on the TRUTH about porn. Other ministries and organizations are putting us down for standing up for truth and I need your prayers as it’s going to take a lot of boldness and wisdom to stand up for what is right and to do it in love.

My heart is to reach porn stars with the amazing love of Christ but at the same time to educate the hundreds of thousands of porn fans who will be there. They need to KNOW that those who act in porn movies are ALSO somebody’s daughter or son. They need to know they are contributing to the destruction of women and men every time they view porn and it’s important they know the TRUTH! No, it is NOT wrong to pass out truth tracts! I have no idea why other organizations and ministries would put us down for that. Jesus told the truth.

Other ministries and organizations have also publicly put me down for wanting security but folks, I simply asked for some help for the female volunteers who will pass out truth tracts to fans. I think it’s wrong other ministries publicly put us down for wanting security for volunteers. Of course I am going to pursue wisdom when it comes to the world’s LARGEST gathering of porn fans. The female volunteers should not be alone when walking around the hotels near the convention. I hate the jealousy and strife that comes with these conventions and it’s the MAIN reason I didn’t go last year! But this year I am going and nothing is going to stop me from doing what God has called me to do. So please pray for peace and unity among ministries and organizations involved.

I also need prayer for protection for my family as well as the volunteers and their family. We also need wisdom and especially humility for me. I want to walk in the AVN Porn Convention with the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Humility with the Spirit of Love AND the Spirit of Truth.

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