The Greatest Force For Good

On his radio show Monday, April 26, 2010, Dennis Prager said: “Last night I spoke to 3,500 people at one of the great churches in America [in Minnesota] for Christians United For Israel. I was sobbing in the opening of my talk. It was so overwhelming what I saw. I said there is no more powerful force for good in the world than Christians and Jews united. And it has taken 2,000 years.”

“I have a story about the word ‘thesis.’ This is a true radio story. I’m not sure that even my two spouses (Sue and Prager’s producer Allen Estrin) know this. When I was with my first station, I was with ABC in Los Angeles for 17 years. I have only warm feelings for those years.

“When Disney took over ABC, it decided that the only thing that mattered were ratings. And so they put in a general manager at the station who said, ‘None of this high-quality talk stuff. We’ve got to go down in the gutter.’ It was a very bad period. I thought I’d be let go because I wasn’t prepared to do everything this woman wanted me to talk about. It was a very tense time. She left eventually. I stayed.

“I once used the word ‘thesis’. I was called in to the program director’s office. He said, ‘Dennis, I was listening to you today and you used the word ‘thesis.’

“I remember thinking, what could possibly be wrong with that? Did he think I used the word ‘feces’?

“He said, ‘Dennis, that is too high-falutin a word. If you want really high ratings, you don’t use the word ‘thesis.’

“Whenever I have used the word on the radio since then, I see this program director in front of me. ‘Dennis, no, don’t use the word ‘thesis’.”

Dennis outlines a thesis: Over time, as the left pushes for change, people in America understand that these changes are not good. The more people learned about Obamacare, the less they supported it. The more people know about abortion, the less pro-choice they become. The more they know conservative positions such as limited government, the more they support them.

“Feelings go leftward, thought goes rightward. When you first hear a left-wing position, [it appeals to feelings]. If you are feelings based, left-wing positions work. Over time, thought prevails over feelings and conservative positions prevail.”

A caller: “Pro-choice seems to be part of the Left’s position to protect people from the consequence of their own choices.”

Dennis: “The left breeds irresponsible behavior.”

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