Partying Like Its 6969

You can take the shiksa out of Christianity, you can take the shiksa out of her short skirts, oh, never mind…

I drove west on the Ten freeway Saturday night and was the first to arrive at Monica’s place, but within an hour, there were a dozen of us talking excitedly as our host said goodbye to Santa Monica and to her life as a Gentile.

That’s when the cops showed up.

Monica’s great in these situations. She marched over in her tiny black dress and her f***-me heels and, extending her hand, said, “I’m Dr. …Borne. I’m a professor at [prestigious university]. Would you like a drink?”

No, the cops did not want a drink. They’d received two complaints about the noise. They were supposed to fine her $600.

“Do you think that’s right?” asked Dr. Borne. “We don’t have music playing. All we have here are people talking.”

The cops looked sheepish and went off.

Then Monica did her interpretative Torah dance.

Moshiach is coming!

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