I Can’t Morally Justify Much Of What I Do

Much of what I do is based upon my feelings rather than upon God’s immutable moral law.

I fear that I am letting down my commitments to Judaism and ethical monotheism.

Much of my blogging is done by instinct. I don’t sit down and think, what would the Torah say about what I am about to write?

I sit down and think, what do I feel?

I do this because my best work comes from my instinct, not from my thinking. I’m at my best and worst when I just react from the gut without thought of consequences, without thought of reason.

Dennis Prager writes:

A third contribution of the left’s values to what Marie did is the elevation of the artist to the status of demigod. If the feelings of mere mortals can determine what is right and wrong, the feelings of an artist are even more important.

There is no hubris like that of many contemporary artists. At some point in the second half of the 20th century the belief arose that artists formed a moral elite.

Given the moral idiocies that have been more the norm than the exception among 20th century artists — the countless artists who have glorified Communism, Fascism and Nazism — facts alone render the idea of artist-as-moral-beacon foolish. But even in theory the idea has no merit. There is nothing in art that renders an artist more morally elevated than a sanitation worker.

Sure enough, being an artist was Marie’s justification for her dishonesty. Asked on her website, “Wasn’t this dishonest?” she responded:

“I can see how it may be perceived that way. But I looked at it a different way: I am an artist. I cannot apologize for that. It goes with the risky territory of being an artist.” Marie also told the press, “I don’t think it is necessary for artists to ask permission to express themselves artistically.”

Artists are above morality. While you and I should not deceive people, artists may.

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