Saving The Single Woman

I think most women grow up believing that a man will come along who will take care of the big stuff for them — the mortgage, the primary income, protection, taking care of the cars, etc.

As Dennis Prager says, women want a man who will blaze a trail for her through life and cut down the underbrush and clear out the mess and protect and provide for her.

In exchange for this, men want a woman who will make him the most important thing in her life (part of this is that a woman will take care of herself and make an effort to look sexy for him).

I’ve failed with women because I am not a provider and a protector. One woman I started seeing had an enemy who pounded nails into her car tires and when I wouldn’t take care of this guy, she left me.

I often run into single women who are reduced to tears by having to take care of the messy parts of life by themselves. Part of me wants to jump in and help, but most of me just feels tired and wants to lie down and to take a nap and to sense my feelings and to blog about them.

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