I shouldn’t listen to Dennis Prager’s radio show late at night because he makes me so angry. I just feel so fired up by his generally conservative values that I’m dying to fight for them.

Dennis Prager has a calm happy demeanor, yet his radio show, writings and talks make me very angry — and I agree with him!

I get filled with righteous indignation on behalf of the causes he espouses.

I wonder how common my response is.

Dennis Prager seems to be filled with contempt.

I just want to use one example, a column from October 7, 2008, entitled, “Gotcha Questions for Katie Couric (and Her Colleagues)”.

I just want to quote one paragraph: “Members of the news media believe, correctly, that individuals running for political office, because of their potentially great impact on American life, should subject themselves to interview after interview about their views, values, personal life and knowledge base by often hostile members of the news media. But, the most powerful members of the news media, people who have more impact on American life than almost any politician in America, do not allow themselves to be interviewed about their views, values, personal life and knowledge of the issues. Why not?”

Doesn’t that make you angry? Or is it just me?

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