Women Worry More

Alison Armstrong, relationships expert, was on Dennis Prager‘s radio show today.

Alison: “The amygdala is much more active in women than in men, and much bigger, it is the worry center of the brain. Women tend to think that what is happening now will happen forever.”

“We give up quicker. We think that if you are being mean to me today, you will be mean to me forever, instead of, ‘This too shall pass.'”

“Until a woman feels safe, she can’t be anything good. She can’t be kind, generous, loving, intimate, sexual. Everything that is fabulous about women is not possible until she feels safe.”

“Having a future [together] is what makes it safe for a woman to have huge feelings. The idea of together forever is what it makes it safe for us to be in love. Without that future, we’re in a panic to care deeply about another person. It’s frightening to us. We’ll pull our feelings back to match whatever future he is presenting. That’s why we want forever. Now I feel safe to love you because we’ll be together forever.”

Dennis: “It is good for me to believe that any day I can be fired… It is good for my employees to believe that. It makes you want to do your best.”

Alison: “I employ mostly women. If a woman thinks every day her job is on the line, she won’t feel safe. She’ll feel freaked out. She won’t think clearly. She won’t be creative. She won’t say things that are unpopular.”

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