David Rubin Investigation

David Rubin is a prominent Orthodox Jew in Hancock Park. He’s involved a few of his Orthodox friends in his schemes.

I got this fax: “How interesting that when you look up Enhanced Affordable, David Rubin’s name is no longer on the website. But all of their crooked deals are there. It never ceases to boggle my mind what a few low lifes from Hancock Park can do. Here’s to being frum — corruption must be the key to enter their club.”

March 15 (Bloomberg) — David Rubin, accused of rigging hundreds of investment contracts for local governments across the U.S., is at the center of investigations by city and federal authorities into a Los Angeles housing development.

The $31 million subsidized project for the poor and homeless was put on hold by local officials after the Oct. 29 federal criminal indictment of Rubin, 47. He is the founder of Los Angeles-based CDR Financial Products Inc. and one of the first targets charged in a three-year Justice Department probe of alleged anti-competitive practices in the $2.8 trillion municipal bond market.

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