Tagged.com Creates Social Havoc


Shelly emails: I am doing some research on tagged as I want to expose what a scam site it is
I am new on youtube and basically clueless how to do most things on here and my profile is a work in progress AND I have a ton of info on tagged
all I wanted to do was to give you this video.
it shows that NY state attorney general cuomo recently sued tagged over doing exactly what you posted in your video
I am pretty sure you are not a member on tagged but if you are please contact me. I mean you can write to me anyway lol. I only mean if you are still on tagged I would like to give you more info on just what a scam site it really is but some how I get the feeling you already know that
I hope that video shows you that you are not the only one who got upset by the unethical way tagged does its business
and I told you I am new here so if you already got this video posted I am the dummy who does not yet know how to get around on youtube
been too busy busting tagged to expose it for what it really is
tagged IS a scam site lol
I was recently hit from tagged from the inside (someone inside of tagged) these idiots posted f#cking nigerian scammer all over my profile when I began to uncover scam rings on there. I am on this site looking for others who have info. someone has to stop this site and I am just one person but I know that there are people out on the net that are searching for some of the answers I have with me.

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