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From Hirhurim:

  • In scandals, a wake-up call for Orthodoxy: link
  • Rabbi condemned for ordaining woman: link
  • R. J. David Bleich, R. Adam Mintz and R. Avi Weiss on women rabbis 12 years ago: link
  • Haredi rabbis vs. the Internet, and the Internet is winning: link
  • Jewish basketball team forfeits over fast day: link
  • Del.’s 1st Jewish Gov. Hangs Mezuzah At Mansion: link
  • Ezras Torah calendar for Adar: link
  • Megillat Esther: an online commentary by Rabbi Yonatan Grossman: link
  • Rabbi fishes for ban on salmon: link
  • Herman Wouk’s surprising passion: link
  • Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik

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