Small Claims Beit Din Set Up In Fairfax/La Brea

It has the support of rabbis Gershon Bess and Avrohom Union of the RCC.

For more information, call 323-988-0160.

It is located at Kollel Yechiel Yehuda at 354 North La Brea Avenue, LA, CA 90036.

TheUpperWestSidePosek: I have another idea how you might make some gelt.
TheUpperWestSidePosek: Why not set up a beit din to deal with monetary issues?
TheUpperWestSidePosek: You would be lots cheaper than litigation.
TheUpperWestSidePosek: And with that beard, you could market yourself as a veritable Solomon
TheUpperWestSidePosek: Seriously, any job nibbles?
TheUpperWestSidePosek: This could be a real test of the economic clout of your readership

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