Prager Interruptus

From “Dennis talks to Lori Gottleib, widely published journalist who is frequent commentator for NPR’s All Things Considered. Her new book is Marry Him. She was on the show in April of 2008 for an article in Atlantic Magazine article which she has turned into her new book.”

I had high hopes for this interview but was disappointed by how often Dennis interrupted her.

As I listen to the interview for a second time, I realize she got enough time in the first segment.

Lori talks about the trivial reasons many women use for disqualifying a guy for a second date. According to a survey, men gave three reasons for not going on a second date with a woman (not cute enough or nice enough or interesting enough), while women listed 300 reasons for not going on a second date (he ordered tap water at the restaurant, he wore a brown belt with black shoes, etc).

Lori says the guy she’s currently seeing was not initially attractive to her on his profile because he was shorter than she wanted, he did not appear creative (he worked in real estate), and he wore a bow tie (she thought it was dorky).

Lori: “The Atlantic article was my opinion. The book is not my opinion. I’m a journalist. I went out and spoke to a lot of people.”

The Jewish Journal’s Danielle Berrin interviews Lori:

JJ: Describe what you mean by settling.
LG: Settling is what our culture defines as getting less than everything we want. We think that settling is compromising our soul. But what most people consider settling is actually like the catch

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