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From Hirhurim:

  • Chief rabbi: Judges won’t deliberate nullifying conversions: link
  • 1000 rabbis warn: open homosexuality in the military is a disaster and may cause further natural disasters: link
  • More than a paycheck (note the correlation between the three types of motivation and those discussed by the Rambam in his introduction to Chelek): link
  • David Greenfield city council campaign kickoff: link
  • R. Emanuel Feldman: Haiti and the mind of God: link
  • More from R. Dovid Ribiat on EJF scandal: link
  • The incredible ongoing experiment in Jewish responsibility: link
  • International dateline in Jewish law: link
  • Dennis Prager: Messengers who forgot their message: link
  • Charities are suffering: link
  • Best blog post ever: link

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