Used Car Fraud

Yisroel Pensack posts on Failed Messiah:

The original corrupt multimillion-dollar “charity” used-car fraud king was Chabad-Lubavitch “Rabbi” Bentzion Pil from San Francisco. He and his wife Mattie Plotkin even made the front page of The Wall Street Journal for their business “acumen.” Most of the “charity” money conveniently “disappeared.”

He’s still functioning as a “rabbi” in San Francisco, but living much better than in the old days. Pil and his cronies from the now-defunct/bankrupt Jewish Educational Center (JEC) of SF, supposedly “helped” SF Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Ahron Hecht and his wife, who I’m told is a Rubashkin relative, buy a big house in San Francisco. Hecht is a cousin of Rubashkin case cheerleader Shea Hecht, I believe.

Also, I’ve read that a former SF Litvisher previously with SF’s Hebrew Academy is or was connected with a Lakewood-based used-car “charity.” It seems he may have a new gig now:

Yisroel adds: Also, the Hechts’ big SF house was originally bought from a Pil/JEC insider named Luba Troyanovsky in the name of Hecht’s “Richmond Torah Center” charity, but later that “Chabad House” amazingly showed up on the SF assessor’s computer roll as owned by the Hechts personally.

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