Today Was Great Because…

* I studied a page of Talmud.
* I talked to people. I let them know my situation. I want to get married. It’s weird being the only one in shul not wearing a prayer shawl (never married men in Ashkenazi shuls normally do not wear prayer shawls).
* I had an extended conversation with ***** today and he initiated! I’m tired of being the one who always initiates the conversations. Forget ***** and ******. I enjoy talking to them but I am tired of always having to initiate and having them wander off when I’m just getting warmed up. Gosh, — is annoying. See if I open up to **** again. Fat chance. I’m close to &&& and &&&&&. I just hit it off with them. When I see them, I smile.
* I did my washing.
* I took a nap.
* I ate two slices of raisin bread toast tonight with peanut butter and lots of honey, then parsley and four delicious oranges.

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