Prager Complex

Dr. Z emails: Luke your complicated relationship with Prager has a name… Its an Oedipus Complex:

– You came alone into a new religion/community/city: Mother.
– He became your model to amulet. A father figure.

Through him you were seeking validation. Dennis is Guru and his followers are reminding of family. You joined seeking an happy ending to your searches.

in every family occurs a power struggle over control. It occurs when the Papoose starts speaking for himself and rebel a little. This is called in psychological jargon: Individuation. Big Papa looks at this unfavorably. At first tries to smack Papoose into the straight line he drew. As Papoose refuses to give in, ‘Big Papa’ becomes enraged sending some threatening directives. When it does not work, He banishes him off his kingdom. When you took the title “The moral leader” You wedded the community. Since then you are dangling between the need to ‘kill him’ and missing the love you… never got from him.

So what’s next, you ask? Stop stumbling blindly with the hate/love dependency on Dennis Prager. He like most of us has feet of clay. He is NOT representing Judaism. You are a legitimate Jew, now. You have your own voice and we all hear it clearly.

GET OVER HIM and move on!

Q. I never thought about it before, I wonder, is he becoming a cult leader???

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