Rabbi Tovia Singer – Lover Of Zion

Rabbi Tovia Singer’s acolyte, the billionaire Guma Aguiar (recently placed in a mental hospital) sounds a lot like his mentor. Watch this video.

The key words and inflection are similar to Tovia Singer.

Here’s Rabbi Singer debating the Christian Trinity:

Here Tovia talks about how he fell in love with the Bible:

Rabbi Tovia Singer has inspired countless American Jews to move to Israel, not an easy sale! He’s an eloquent man, empowered by NLP.

Check out the admiration that co-host Jeremy Gimpel has for Rabbi Singer:

Powerful film of Guma Aguiar, Tovia Singer, David and Reuven Solomon, Eliezer Botzer, Morris and Ben Shirazi in Meron pouring oil on the torch at the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag B’omer.

Some of these Tovia Singer videos feel like Tony Robbins’ workshops.

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