Dennis Prager: Private Remarks Should Not Be Made Public

On his radio show Jan. 11, 2010, Dennis Prager said about U.S. Senate majority leader Harry Reid’s remarks about Barack Obama being more electable because he was a light-skinned black man who only spoke with a “negro dialect when he wants to”: “I am embarrassed as an American that this is big news.

“I think Harry Reid is one of those who are leading the United States to disaster.”

“I do not care what people say privately. We have started to think that private things muttered to a friend tells us all we need to know about a person… When these writers write these comments, they just make people more wary about opening up to friends and colleagues. It is a self-imposed totalitarianism.

“What is it about totalitarianism that is so frightening? That what you say in private is monitored.”

“The reporting of what people say privately? Tell me why that is different then what the Stasi did in East Germany. Why is this noble? Does it tell you things you need to know about a character?”

“Democrats who called for Trent Lott’s resignation and the media went crazy when [then Republican Senate majority leader Trent Lott said at Strom Thurmond’s 100th birthday party] that we would’ve been better if Strom Thurmond had been elected [president], the last thing on Trent Lott’s mind was that we would’ve been better if we would’ve had a segregationist racial policy. Everybody knows that. It was all for political points on Trent Lott. Now it is for political points on Harry Reid.”

“Gossip is now considered sacred in America. There was once a belief that what you said in private is considered private.”

“It’s a self-imposed totalitarianism when we monitor people’s private talk.”

“Gossip is now considered great political science. That shows you how far America has fallen in our lifetime.”

“The agenda for the left-wing media is to make the country in its image. And they will admit it if you ask them privately. If you ask privately after a couple of drinks the average reporter, is it more important that you just report the news or that you make America a better place through your reporting, what would they say? They would say just like the judges I interviewed on the 9th Circuit, they would say we are here to make America a better place. Since they think a better place is a more left-wing place, the average liberal reporter believes it is more important to push the advocacy of their position than to report.”

“Reporters have now taken on the role of the Stasi in East Germany. They will monitor your private talk and they will ruin your life by doing it.”

“What difference does it make how a person feels? What matters is how a person acts.”

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