How Did Conservatives Spot Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline Years Before The Liberal Elites? (7-3-24)

01:00 Conservatives saw Joe Biden’s decline before liberals did,
11:00 George Stephanopoulos vs Nikki Haley
21:40 Dan Senor host of “Call Me Back” talks debate last week, Israeli Hamas war and how to move forward,
42:30 Ari Emmanuel torches Joe Biden
48:40 Will Michelle Obama run for president?
53:00 The Debate That Changed Everything | Joe Biden’s Common Knowledge Moment,
55:30 Mollie Hemingway on the NYT hoaxes propping up Joe Biden
56:00 Did the media botch the Biden age story?,
57:00 DB: White House Reporters: Biden Handlers’ ‘Credibility’ Is Shot,
58:00 Joe Biden and the tragedy of liberal denialism,
59:00 Jill Abrams castigates the MSM on missing Biden story,

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Podnotes AI summary: Today we’re discussing why conservatives, often working in everyday jobs like plumbing or nursing, recognized Joe Biden’s cognitive decline long before many intelligent liberals did. It’s not about putting down liberals; I try to stay above partisanship despite my right-wing stance.

Conservatives rely on common sense based on life experience, while liberal elites value facts and expert consensus more. For example, during the Covid pandemic, conservatives were hesitant to accept the new vaccine based on instinct, whereas liberals trusted medical advice.

However, when it came to Biden’s mental state, conservative instincts proved correct earlier than the liberal acceptance of this issue. The media now seems embarrassed for previously supporting Biden without acknowledging his decline – perhaps partly because they viewed Trump as a greater threat and held higher standards for what constitutes a fact.

The conservative media also failed to comprehensively report on Biden’s condition in a factual manner; instead of investing in investigative reporting that could have influenced mainstream coverage like Steve Bannon did with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Liberals generally respect scientific evidence over common sense unless it conflicts with their values. In contrast, conservatives trust individual perception more readily without waiting for expert validation. This difference highlights how each group approaches understanding reality – through expertise or intuition.

Lastly, there is an ongoing debate about whether ageism should be considered when discussing public figures’ capabilities – something more pertinent to liberals who see ageism as morally significant compared to some conservatives who dismiss such sensitivities.

They exploit the prestige of norms to push their partisan views as common sense. Where’s the proof Biden is in decline? The media didn’t question it until recently. The elite replace competition, patriotism, and traditional values with bureaucracy, multiculturalism, and progressive ideologies. Conservatives see this as an inversion of truth.

The liberal elite dismiss ordinary Americans’ views because they’re different from theirs. They aim to stand out by rejecting what’s common and imposing their wisdom on issues like criminal rights or avant-garde art.

Liberals constantly shift goals to maintain moral superiority over the ‘common people.’ They dominate influential institutions like media and education to promote their agenda while dismissing popular votes that contradict them.

The ruling class can’t stop us from speaking our minds but can make it socially unacceptable—like smoking—to express certain opinions openly. Liberals believe we can’t find morality without considering every group affected by our actions.

Conservatives trust in common sense and self-reliance against claims of expertise from liberals who prefer scientific truths over tradition. This conflict was evident when ordinary Americans recognized Biden’s impairment before elites did.

Universities want science to replace common sense; some argue that wisdom lies with the people rather than elites. As for Trump’s potential re-election bid, he emphasizes support for Israel based on his past presidency record.

Despite political differences, both sides need inspiring candidates who unite rather than divide—a task neither Biden nor Harris seems up for according to some critics within their own party.

Molly Hemingway and others have long discussed Biden’s lapses, now even The New York Times reports his confusion and forgetfulness.

Fox News hasn’t seriously covered Biden’s mental decline while conservative talk radio has been vocal about it. Media bias has evolved into propaganda; they’ve lied for years and will continue to do so. Trust in media is eroding as they prioritize political power over truth.

Talk radio provides a space to affirm shared truths like Biden’s cognitive issues. When someone speaks an obvious truth loudly enough, it can shift public perception – this ‘missionary’ effect changes what we all know collectively.

Harvey Weinstein was another example where widespread private knowledge became public through a ‘missionary’, leading to immediate behavior change despite no new facts. Similarly, when Joe Biden makes mistakes on camera or during debates, it reinforces concerns about his fitness for office.

The contrast between on-air discussions and behind-the-scenes panic reflects the dissonance in handling sensitive topics like leadership capacity. Charismatic commentators amplify these moments of realization that can rapidly shift common understanding within society.

Joe Biden will be under constant scrutiny for life—every word and action watched closely since his blunder. Imagine living like that; it’s why many are angry.

I bring this to the Zeitgeist because as someone experienced in improvisation, I understand narrative power. While Biden could stay in the race, if DNC power brokers want him out, they’ll likely get their way despite not always playing by the rules.

Improvisational acts like jazz or comedy thrive on audience tension—they expect failure but love being proven wrong. This isn’t true for Biden; there’s no comeback speech that can erase doubts now.

Nellie Bowles of the free press points out how legacy media delays reporting inconvenient truths—Biden’s age, Hunter’s laptop—to form a consensus behind closed doors. Such information is withheld from the public for years.

The current political mood suggests no future for those tied to the sinking ship of Biden-Harris 2024—it’s seen as unsalvageable post-Thursday night. The state of surprise and delight is gone; everyone sees through teleprompter-read speeches now.

Reporters actively seek flaws instead of covering them up—they know what’s happening with an 81-year-old candidate. It’s over, yet nobody invested in Democratic politics wants to admit it or be seen abandoning ship too early—even though all are subtly distancing themselves already.

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