Joe Biden Must Go Because The Desperate Nature Of The Situation Should Prevail Over Precedent (7-2-24)

Who’s the boss? Not the president, not the Senate majority leader, not the MSM. The situation is the boss. The situation determines the comparative power of all other factors including law and precedent.

The majority opinion of political elites as of July 2, 2024, is that it’s inevitable that Joe Biden will become the nominee of the Democratic party for president of the United States because that’s the law. That’s the precedent. That’s the procedure. He’s made it through the various bureaucratic hurdles and he’s the presumptive nominee and only Joe Biden can turn down the honor.

I think the dire situation of Biden’s cognitive decline will outweigh precedent.

An open primary for the Democratic nomination seems outlandish but in the current situation, the outlandish might well be the choice.

This frenzy shows the elite catching up to the majority of grass roots Democrats who did not want Biden to run for a second term (and had minimal enthusiasm for him in 2020).

Biden is unfit to be president of the United States. He made that clear at Thursday night’s debate June 27.

What kills me about the majority of pundit reaction is that they claim Joe Biden is capable of operating as president in the United States, it’s just that Biden is not capable of campaigning for president of the United States.

According to Axios, Biden has a hard time getting going before 10 am, and he has a hard time operating after 4 pm. And this is acceptable for the president of the United States?

If we get into a nuclear crisis, only the president of the United States can make the call whether or not we launched nuclear weapons. That can’t be fobbed off onto his staff. So you hear from the Biden team that he has a highly competent staff and when you’re are voting for Joe Biden, you’re also voting for his staff. But the staff can’t push the nuclear button.

Who’s been making the argument of the past five years that democracy is on the ballot, and that the vote for Biden is a vote for democracy. The Democrats who are led by a senile man. The people didn’t vote for Joe Biden’s staff. And he clearly has not been up to the office of president in the United States. So who’s been running the show?

Biden was saved from campaigning in 2020 by Covid. He was a frail old man who’s had that vacant checked out stare since 2018. And now the cognitive decline has accelerated over the past few months.

I hear from the political elite that we must follow the rules. Joe Biden is going to become the Democratic nominee for president because the law says that. He won the delegates in a rigged primary.

Is it the situation or is it the law that will decide this? I say it is the situation. It is more important than precedent. Joe Biden is a suicidal choice for the Democrats and for America.

The United States is in peril right now because its president is a senile old man who’s not up to the job.

There are things that are more important than the law such as the survival of your people.

America is an incredibly individualist country and so everything has to be negotiated because there’s little common feeling. We’re diverse and we have little in common with our fellow citizens.

So should the Democrats just give up and accept Biden as their nominee? No. Don’t give in to learned helplessness.

Japanese contend to me that Japan is limited in the steps that it can take to defend itself because of its constitution imposed upon it by United States after WWII. The Japanese have come to love learned helpless and relying on the United States for military protection. This is like some women I dated. Once we get locked into that intimate relationship and they know I want regular sex, they become more and more helpless. They think their lack of capability makes them more feminine and more attractive. Luke loves me because I’m pathetic. And initially that was been a turn on. I was able to sweep into a woman’s life and rescue her. That lasted a month and then they felt like a millstone around my neck. After six weeks, the sex was half as good as it was at the beginning and I’m looking to leave.

If breaking your constitution is what is required to survive, then break away. If they want to survive, the Japanese must be ready to break the constitution or to change the constitution. Law and the constitution should not be a death warrant.

Similarly, there’s the fourth commandment to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Over 2200 years ago, some Jews would abide by this command and they would not fight back on the Sabbath and as a result, they were slaughtered. But this didn’t last long in Jewish life. The rabbis decreed that if on the Sabbath you need to fight to survive then you should fight. You can’t just check out from your responsibilities because God said to keep the Sabbath. Jews who took that attitude got wiped out. The Jews willing to pick up weapons and fight back on the Sabbath, they and their progeny often survived. In 1973, Israel was attacked on Yom Kippur, and Jews grabbed their weapons and won.

Approximately 2000 years ago in Jewish life in Israel, the Jewish law of not loaning money at interest meant that funds for loans had dried up. Rabbi Hillel came along with an innovation to the law, allowing loans to be classified as investments with returns.

Law depends upon narrative. And so the narrative that we have to follow the law is a powerful narrative, and that’s perhaps the most powerful narrative right now with regards to Biden, but if another narrative became more powerful such as that Biden is unfit to be president of the United States, Biden will step down.

Biden and his family are at war with reality. They’re going to lose. And even though legal procedures say only Joe Biden can decide to step away from the presidency, he has to find support for his narrative. If it becomes untenable to hold on to his story, he’ll have to give it up and with it, the presidency.

I am a convert to Orthodox Judaism. If I encountered Orthodox Jews who said to me that we don’t count you as Jewish, we won’t count you in a minyan, at a certain number of rejections, I’d have to give up my story and step away from Orthodox Judaism. We depend on others to support our narratives or we abandon our stories.

So we have all sorts of laws on the books that are enforced or not enforced depending on the situation and the dominant narrative. After George Floyd died, a dominant narrative with regard to policing was that we had too much of it and the police should back off from enforcing the law because when you enforce the law, you get racially disparate results.

You win against reality. Joe Biden will step aside for the good of the country when his narrative encounters too much opposition. So it’s just a trickle right now of Democratic politicians asking Biden to step aside. This trickle will turn into a flood.

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