Why Does Liberalism Deny The Reality Of Joe Biden’s Decline? (7-2-24)

01:00 Where was the MSM on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline? https://www.semafor.com/newsletter/07/02/2024/mixed-signals-special-blame-the-media
03:30 Joe Biden Must Go Because The Desperate Nature Of The Situation Will Prevail Over Precedent (7-2-24) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K-xB2alFDA
11:20 Japan’s pacifistic and helpless tradition since WWII, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_9_of_the_Japanese_Constitution
15:00 Joe Biden and the tragedy of liberal denialism, https://www.ft.com/content/d431b97f-7431-4066-bd80-9dab3b215fea
23:00 Hunter Biden seeks advice from his crack addict son Hunter
27:55 Should He Stay or Should He Go (Joe Biden, That Is)?, https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/impolitic-with-john-heilemann/id1529346075?i=1000660927668
35:00 Are RW conspiracy theories always right? No! https://www.salon.com/2023/12/24/disturbing-pattern-the-most-unhinged-right-wing-conspiracy-theories-of-2023/
56:20 WSJ: Was There a ‘Biden’ Presidency?, https://www.wsj.com/articles/was-there-a-biden-presidency-election-voters-ec0839e4
1:01:00 Dem Elites SHUTDOWN Biden Replacement Talk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9XmQn55Bgg
1:27:00 Americans will vote for Trump as the lead in America’s reality show for the next four years
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Podnotes AI summary: The media is abuzz with concerns about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness and its implications for American politics. Democrats are especially angry, feeling misled by the administration that seems oblivious to their anger. Despite this, the mainstream media has been diligent in reporting on Biden’s apparent cognitive lapses.

The New York Times reports these incidents are becoming more frequent and worrying. If Trump were showing similar signs, it’s doubtful right-wing media would be as fact-focused as the MSM are with Biden.

The Republican Party and conservative outlets haven’t effectively investigated Biden’s mental state. Months ago, “The Wall Street Journal” attempted but only cited Republican sources.

Critics like Jill Abrams argue that journalists have failed to penetrate the White House’s secrecy about Biden’s health. It’s surprising how unprepared everyone was for his debate performance against Donald Trump – even seasoned reporters seemed shocked at his condition.

Some suggest that a less active president could be beneficial in certain circumstances; however, there is concern over whether someone of Biden’s age can handle emergencies requiring quick decisions.

Biden’s limited campaign schedule during COVID-19 raised questions about his capacity to serve full-time as president. His staff is touted as competent, but voters didn’t choose his team; they chose him based on democratic principles.

There’s also criticism of America’s individualistic culture where law often overrides social norms due to low trust among diverse populations. This leads to an overreliance on legal procedures instead of communal consensus.

Finally, despite all laws pointing towards Biden being the Democratic nominee again due to delegate counts and precedent, there is a powerful narrative surrounding his fitness for office that could challenge this assumption.

As president, one has the power to deploy nuclear weapons. The assumption is that a cognitively sharp leader is required for such decisions, but how often are these critical moments? Many argue you could have an unfit president and still be okay most of the time.

Stephen James acknowledges Donald Trump’s flaws and suggests that electing him might be the only way to move on. If Trump were declining mentally, would right-wing media admit it? They didn’t when he was in office; instead, they supported him.

During crises like the Cuban Missile Crisis, presidential action matters. Yet some suggest waiting for Joe Biden to finish his nap before addressing issues isn’t problematic unless another crisis occurs. In politics podcasts like John H’s with David Axelrod and anti-Trump Republican Mike Murphy, discussions about truth-telling arise.

Biden’s family tries to shield him as he disconnects from reality—similarly to our own defense mechanisms when facing life’s stresses. Some propose drafting Biden’s resignation using AA principles for honesty due to self-deception over his capabilities.

The 12-step model offers a framework for confronting one’s role in personal problems—an approach suggested for Biden’s administration too. For instance, my resentment list included a rabbi who asked me to leave their synagogue because I behaved against community standards online—I slowly came to a realization of my part in creating my own problems.

Media avoidance of Biden’s cognitive decline is compared with beat reporters’ reluctance to publish stories risking access loss—like avoiding critical industry coverage after criticizing it publicly myself once.

Conspiracy theories on both political wings are often false; accurate criticism is needed rather than ridicule or unfounded claims.

Trump supporters discuss potential achievements if re-elected: immigration control continuation, conservative Supreme Court justice appointments, foreign policy shifts away from interventionism—all reflecting actions seen during his first term.

Agenda 47 outlines Trump’s promises if re-elected: mass deportations, education system overhaul including school prayer reinstatement and race-based program bans; Affordable Care Act repeal; gender-affirming care restrictions; constitutional amendments imposing congressional term limits; investigations into political rivals; increased penalties for young offenders while boosting police immunity and deploying National Guard in “woke cities”; NATO reassessment demanding European nations pay America for protection.

This agenda also includes Muslim travel ban restoration and creation of “freedom cities,” promoting traditional energy sources over electric vehicles alongside ambitious projects like flying cars development.

In contrast stands Joe Biden whose performance raises concerns about effective governance moving forward amidst calls within Democratic circles questioning whether he should step aside despite past accomplishments or risk further damage by not directly addressing public doubts himself.

Despite the numerous legal challenges against Donald Trump, they haven’t destroyed the American legal system. Tucker Carlson warns of danger, but America has always faced threats. Democrats are urged to reconsider their stance as Biden’s perceived decline adds risk, according to Carlson.

Trump was criticized for his limited work capacity during his presidency, yet things didn’t fall apart. Now there’s concern over Biden’s cognitive abilities and whether he can handle another term or even public appearances without causing more harm than good.

The media focuses on Biden’s mental state while some argue it could be managed strategically during debates or minimized in interviews. However, doubts persist about his fitness for a second term and whether his administration truly reflects his leadership or is just a reaction to past political events.

Questions arise about the influence of advisors on Biden’s decisions and if he had any say in certain policies like appeasing Putin or handling controversies surrounding his son’s laptop incident.

Some suggest that if Democrats acknowledge Biden’s shortcomings publicly, it could lead to chaos within the party. There are also concerns about potential successors being less popular than him.

In politics, embarrassing moments happen – like Trump losing due to mishandling COVID-19 or Republicans failing because of incompetence. Similarly, Democrats may feel embarrassed by backing an impaired leader like Biden.

Strategies discussed include dismissing critics as overly anxious “bed-wetters,” manipulating polls to show stability in support for Biden despite debates suggesting otherwise; limiting dissent within the party; reassuring donors; proving vitality through controlled public appearances; and preparing for future debates with experienced advisors.

There is tension between public statements supporting Biden and private worries about electoral consequences if he continues leading the ticket into elections given his current unpopularity compared to other Democratic figures.

The stakes are high, and despite Joe Biden’s debate performance issues, there is still strong support for him in the Democratic Party. This creates a challenging situation as serious discussions about his campaign are ongoing at all levels. Questions arise about whether these conversations are rigorous and honest.

David suggests that the Biden campaign is actively engaging with concerns, which reflects competent campaigning behavior. However, doubts persist regarding voter fraud influencing elections significantly—a concern not backed by evidence according to Stephen James’ comments on UK politics shifting leftward.

Joe Biden has always been competitive and believed he could win; this attitude helped him secure an unexpected victory in 2020 when circumstances favored him due to COVID-19 and Trump’s perceived incompetence.

Concerns have grown among donors who feel misled by the portrayal of Biden’s capabilities. There is a mix of panic and anger over feeling deceived by the White House and campaign team.

The next few months leading up to the election will be critical for assessing risks associated with sticking with or moving away from supporting Biden as president for another term. The potential impact of Kamala Harris as a candidate if Biden steps down also raises questions about party unity and electoral strategy.

Despite some Democrats wanting alternatives to Biden after his debate performance, no clear consensus exists on who should replace him if necessary. Discussions around electability continue amidst polling data suggesting cognitive concerns among voters regarding both candidates—Biden’s mental fitness versus Trump’s character flaws.

Ultimately, decisions may hinge on upcoming polls from battleground states indicating whether it makes sense for Joe Biden to continue or step aside given growing pressures within his party amid fears of an overwhelming defeat come election time.

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