Decoding Culture (5-6-24)

01:00 Where does culture come from?
02:00 Literary critic Terry Eagleton,
06:00 My favorite songs,
12:00 American Hearts by Air Supply
15:00 Work sucks – what could salvage it?,
28:00 Simon Kuper: Europeans have more time, Americans more money. Which is better?,
32:00 Christians vibrate to the word ‘love’ while Jews vibrate to the word ‘law’
38:00 Almost all of our thoughts and feelings come from society
40:00 Culture vs politics
60:00 Non-Americans Are Revealing The Ways They Can “Spot An American Tourist From A Mile Away”,
1:06:15 Elliott Blatt joins to talk about tipping and Facebook marketplace
1:09:00 Dublin, CA,,_California
1:13:00 Elliott’s encounter with a woman with lobster claws for arms
1:29:00 My Tiktok,

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