LAT: UCLA moves to shut down pro-Palestinian encampment as “unlawful,” warns students to leave

The encampment actively interfered with the rights of Jews to attend the library and other facilities. Similar infringements occurred at other universities around the world. So it makes sense that the camps are getting shut down and those who resist this are getting ejected from their universities. You have the right to freedom of speech but you don’t have the right to stop other students from attending class.

I don’t understand why campus protests are the number one story in the nation. They don’t have great significance. I guess they provide action pictures and fights are compelling entertainment.

UCLA, out of all of America’s universities, has featured the most vigorous Jewish counter-protests. The New York Times noted April 30: “Jewish activists have had a larger presence at U.C.L.A. than at other campus demonstrations in California, and dueling protests have been particularly intense.”

The Los Angeles Times reports:

UCLA on Tuesday declared that the pro-Palestinian encampment on campus “is unlawful and violates university policy,” warning that students who did not leave would face possible suspension or expulsion.

The Westwood campus became the first in the University of California system to move against an encampment. Others have been set up at UC campuses at Berkeley, Riverside and Irvine along with colleges and universities across the nation. In the biggest wave of campus protests since the 1960s, scores of students, faculty members and staffers are demanding an end to Israel’s actions in Gaza and divestment from firms that sell weapons or services to the country.

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