Decoding Destiny aka Steve Bonnell Part Three (4-28-24)

03:00 The Key Ingredient To Fostering Intimacy (That Most Of Us Miss),
08:00 DTG: Destiny: Debate King and/or Degenerate?,
20:00 The Power of Podcasting: Telling Stories Through Sound,
28:00 Podcasting as an Intimate Medium,
41:00 Claire Khaw joins
50:00 Skoto joins
58:00 ADHD meds: Modafinil v Adderall
1:10:00 Is ADHD Good for Something? ADHD as an Adaptation,
1:20:00 How We Change: (And Ten Reasons Why We Don’t),
1:27:00 Is ADHD Good for Something? ADHD as an Adaptation,
1:40:00 2nd Edition: Predisposed: Liberals, Conservatives, and the Biology of Political Differences,
1:41:30 Life usually runs on hierarchy,
1:43:00 How to write effectively,
2:07:00 Khalid Safir joins,
2:40:00 Dear American: America Is Not Your Problem – You Are Your Problem
2:43:00 Stephen J James joins,
2:44:00 The Secret,
2:46:00 Becoming red-pilled

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