Decoding Destiny aka Steve Bonnell Part Two (4-22-24)

01:00 How to write effectively,
06:00 Decoding Destiny,
20:00 Outback ringer,
22:00 The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australian History,
49:00 How We Change: (And Ten Reasons Why We Don’t),
1:01:00 Body Brokers,
1:03:00 Fodder for Christ
1:40:00 Why beards?
1:43:00 Stephen J. James joins the show
1:53:00 Los Angeles and the boulevard of broken dreams
2:12:00 Parasocial relations,
2:15:00 My embarrassing jealousy
2:22:00 Explanations women offer for dumping us
2:29:00 General weirdness
3:52:30 Curious Gazelle joins the show to discuss her ten-year relationship
5:20:45 Dickson (UK medical doctor) joins the show

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