Day 16 Of The Israel v Hamas War (10-22-23)

01:00 Why did Joe Biden visit Israel?
03:00 Thomas Baden-Riess says he’s right
05:00 Failed Islamic Jihad rocket achieves more than successful rocket launches,

07:00 The rocket that hit the Hamas hospital,
11:30 Who’s attracted to radicalization,
23:30 Dooovid joins, President of Detroit synagogue found stabbed to death outside home,
38:00 Rodney Martin joins
42:00 ​64% of Palestinian refugees taken in by Denmark in 1992 now have criminal records,
44:00 Why Egypt Leaves Palestinians in Gaza to Die,
1:58:00 When we’re prone to radicalization,
2:00:00 I changed how I did things after my Saturday night massacre stream with Jim Goad,
2:06:00 My turning points,
2:21:20 The Middle East Problem with Dennis Prager,
2:25:00 Sam Vaknin on Israel v Hamas,
2:29:00 The Coming Victimhood Apocalypse,
2:35:00 Liberal conceptions of ethical sex and war,
2:49:00 Wellness by Nathan Hill,
2:55:00 Gaza and Israel: The Start of WWIII or an Isolated Conflict? || Peter Zeihan,

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