Israel Baseball Scandal

Tabloid Baby emails: "Luke interesting phenomenon ever since elli wohlgelernter sent me his story on the first season of the israel baseball league, the scandal that has led to the resignation of the commissioner (a former us ambasador to israel) and most of the advisory board, and the revelation that the league founder, who invented the "unholey bagel" stuffed with cream cheese, wa sbeing sued for using investors money for personal expenses and starting up the league– has played out on the mainstream media has yet to pick up on it. but it is a huge story for israel, and all the moneyed jews in america who invested. wait til the ny times picks up on it.. they wont give any of us any credit.

"its funny. we posted the lawsuit in monday. the investment bankers pulled out of the league on tuesday. the board quit on wednesday. they announced it on thursday. the new york times finally covers it today– and spins it in th eleague’s favor, with no mention of our man elli, who’s been covereing the story just about daily for twelve weeks… all on this little newssite."

From the New York Times:

The Israel Baseball League had a successful first season, but its founder may be hard pressed to keep that success going.

Last Thursday, Daniel Kurtzer, the league commissioner and former ambassador to Israel and Egypt, resigned with nine members of the advisory board, including Marvin Goldklang, a limited Yankees partner; Randy Levine, the Yankees’ president; and Andrew Zimbalist, an economics professor at Smith College.

In their letter of resignation, summing up the concerns of all, Goldklang and Zimbalist wrote that “it has become apparent that the business leadership of the league has ceased to perform in an effective, constructive or responsible manner and has failed to manage its capital and other resources in a manner likely to produce successful results.”

Furthermore, they said, the league had not paid some players, managers and umpires.

In a telephone interview, Goldklang added, “The biggest issue was the feeling that trust in the management of the league was compromised.”

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