The Burka Fashion Show

You’ll be proud to walk five steps behind your husband in this ensemble.

A Jewish Feminist emails:

While watching the fashion show in downed on me the actually I am in favor of it.
We should open a Burka boutique in Shul right next to the gifts shops display. Reasons:

1. So Tzniutsdic…the Rabbis will love us.
2. Covers up all the extra pounds gained during:
Holidays, celebrations of Bat/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, pregnancy…
3. No need to buy new cloth and stay in fashion.
4. No need to shave your legs.
5. No pantyhose . Use your husbands Gatkes and socks.
6. Couples who had to get married can hide it, then claim they had a premee.
7. You can walk nude under it.
8. Don’t have to do much laundry nor dry clean. Big money savings.
9. If you are into shoplifting, You can hide a lot of stuff and no one will know.
10.When going to the movies, hide the kids under it and pay for only 1 ticket.

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