Kissus Interruptus

You interrupt your kissing to look in the other person’s eyes. In there, you can get a keener sense of yourself.

Dr. Schnarch encourages open-eyed kissing. I want to experiment with that more. I tend to like the lights out and to just focus on the physical sensations with my eyes closed. I don’t tend to talk much during kissing.

I want to start experimenting more. I want to stop kissing and confront my own doubts. I want to lie back and see what’s going on.

And then move forward.

Kissus Interuptus seems like an opportunity for more emotional intimacy, perhaps more talking during loving and less focus on achieving narrow goals. It is an opportunity to confront myself and to learn to self-soothe, to reduce my need for validation from my partner that I am the world’s greatest lover.

This is the best psychology book I’ve read all year.

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