Is There A Devil?

Judaism does not believe in any supernatural power outside of God. So, no, Judaism does not believe in a devil. Dennis Prager, however, is agnostic on this question.

In his September 4, 2023 show with Julie Hartman, Dennis said: “You are blessed and cursed… All blessings come with curses… You will always have allies but you will be fighting somewhat alone. You love truth. That means you will be alone. People don’t want to be alone and the greatest price paid is truth if you don’t want to stick out. I’m speaking autobiographically. I am blessed because I have so many people in my corner but I have an equal number of people who hate my guts. It’s odd. All I’ve done in my life is preach goodness. Why am I so hated? A lot of people are not interested in goodness.”

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