Decoding #BanTheADL (9-4-23)

01:00 History Speaks: Discussion on the #BantheADL movement and the support of @elonmusk and conservative influencers for it.
05:00 Nathan Cofnas on the ADL,
08:00 Cofnas on the ADL,
50:00 FT: Trump’s status as an anti-hero is making him unstoppable,
51:00 Trump is funny,
1:02:00 Week in Review 9-3-23 More Cognitive Architectures, Reverse Anthropomorphisms, Algorithms & Ricardo,
1:04:00 The intense emotions of Alt Hyp
1:16:30 Intelligence: Past, Present, Future | Charles Murray & Helmuth Nyborg,
1:18:20 Is the multi-racial society doomed?
1:28:00 America is not holding you back from forming a community
1:35:30 Eric Kaufmann,
1:41:00 Diversity breeding threats to democracy from the far right and the far left
1:48:20 Charles Murray On Human Diversity | Basing Social Science on Scientific Evidence,
Charles Murray,
Charles Murray on diversity,

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