NYP: Co-founders of ‘compassionate’ LA law firm resign after vile, sexist emails exposed

I suspect the overall moral quality of these two men’s lives is no worse than their peers. They just like to blow off steam. Everybody says horrible things in private. This is no big deal. These two men were stupid to put such sentiments in work emails and then to screw over their former firm, thus incentivizing it to hurt them.

They had bad judgment. They didn’t murder anybody.

What attorney has not threatened to kill somebody by anal penetration after they requested overtime pay?

I wonder if these legal giants can rebuild their careers?

One of the blokes is married to an asian woman.

“Cunt” in Australian is a friendly term, as in something you might say to your mates, “How are you cunts doing today?”

I haven’t heard that they were any more difficult to work for than your average attorney.

I don’t regard the n-word as sacred (even though I don’t use it because so many people do regard it as sacred). I am unaffected when people use it.

Attorneys have high verbal IQs and many tend to be verbally violent. The rates of physical violence practiced by high IQ people skilled in verbal violence is extremely low.

I couldn’t care less if somebody called me on the Sabbath. I have my phone turned off. Why should someone who observes the Sabbath expect the world to bow to him?

New York Post:

A pair of cofounders at an LA-based law firm resigned Monday after The Post exposed blatantly racist and sexist emails the two sent while at their old firm.

John Barber and Jeffrey Ranen — who launched their new “compassionate” firm Barber Ranen just last month — stepped down from their positions…

Ranen, on at least three occasions, described female attorneys as “c—ts” and Barber once emailed Ranen “kill her by anal penetration” in June 2012 when reacting to an overtime request from another Lewis Brisbois attorney.

A Los Angeles judge was described as “sugar t-ts” when Barber joked about how a judge liked to be addressed in a March 2022 email, and in November 2012, Ranen emailed Barber that another partner had “huge t-ts.”

Barber in November 2013 snidely spelled out “n—-r” when replying to a Lewis Brisbois partner who told him that people were upset during a mediation because of a witness’ frequent use of the N-word…

On May 31, 2020 — just days after the death of George Floyd — Ranen emailed Barber, “F–king looters came within a mile and a half. I can’t even imagine what it was like living in Larchmont [Los Angeles] in 1992 when the savages decimated Koreatown.”

Barber responded: “Just to illustrate my enlightenment . . . As buildings burned within a mile or so that night, we had a party, got wasted, and yelled inappropriate things from the balcony.”

The partners also commonly used the word f—-t and other anti-LGBTQ slurs.

Ranen, in a March 2014 email to Barber, said he typically will email work questions to a Jewish lawyer outside of Lewis Brisbois Saturday morning, during the Jewish Sabbath.

“This Jew is cracking me up,” Ranen wrote to Barber, who responded, “Jew hater.”

These blokes just sound like fair dinkum Australians.

A friend notes that people in power tend to be surrounded by yes men, and so they get arrogant and don’t think they will ever be held accountable for anything.

That sounds like Joe Biden.

At times I had bipolar tendencies. On my way up, I felt like there were no consequences for what I was doing. On my way down, I felt like there was no hope.

When I took up the Alexander Technique, these tendencies went away.

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