Decoding Richard Hanania and the latest Trump Indictment (8-6-23)

01:00 World Cup of women’s soccer
03:00 Seeking a small life
10:00 Decoding Trump’s J6 Indictment,
22:00 HP: Richard Hanania, Rising Right-Wing Star, Wrote For White Supremacist Sites Under Pseudonym,
28:00 WSJ: He Thought He Saw Wrongdoing on Wall Street. It Took Over His Life.,
31:00 Richard Hanania responds: Why I Used to Suck, and (Hopefully) No Longer Do,
54:40 Taking integrity too far,
1:01:00 Decoding Barack Obama,
1:08:00 Should a wife leave a crippled husband?
1:35:30 Is It Wrong to Divorce My Disabled Husband?,

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