Shut Down Tropper’s Eternal Jewish Fraud organization?

Here’s the petition:

I the undersigned as well as all my fellow sane Jews urge to shut down EJFit’s doors which was founded and headed by “Rabbi” Tropper, who for many years has allegedly been misappropriating funds allocated for poor people, and lining his pockets with it. He has also allegedly used that money to bribe countless politicians and Rabbi’s and last but not least, he has abused the very people he claims to help.. namely baal tshuva’s and geirim who depend on him for guidance.

Most recently he was caught red handed on tape pressuring a woman who trusted him as her Rabbi, to engage in sexual acts for his own satisfaction, and as if this was not enough, he pressured her against her will to sleep with other men for payment. This is known as prostitution! telling her “if you fulfill my needs, I will fulfill your needs, and you need a conversion”


A man who engages in such behavior should not be allowed to have any leadership position, and his organizations should be shut down and not allowed to remain opened. EJF and Tropper have already done more than enough damage. Damage to every Jew and damage to Jewish reputations worldwide, causing a chillul hashem that we have not been exposed to in recent memory.

This is an opportune time for us to make our fellow Jews, aware of the reprehensible nature of Rabbi’s who practice such blackmail cover ups.
Gedolei Hador have said is a mitzvah to expose and publicize the evil acts of this person.
We will no longer stick our heads in the sand. We will be heard!

Also let us help the victim of his crimes. A person who trusted him for guidance in Judaism, instead he took advantage of her, now he made sure she cannot ever become a Jew , her geirus has been denied. Now her community being naive to the situation have ostracized her and her children. She was subject to unspeakable crimes by Tropper, and there are many other victims out there. She broke free from of Tropper while risking her life and her court case against a child moleter. Hasn’t she suffered enough? To donate and help her legally please paypal

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