Looking For A Sephardic Cantor?

Yisroel Kituv (elituvisrael@gmail.com) emails:


First I’ll present myself. My name is Yisroel Elituv, and I’m an agent of a group of students who learn at a Sephardic cantorship school in Israel.

The school exists about seven years already. Our school is basically similar to a regular musical school but different. Our students are very expert and qualified.

First, our students learn the based material of the music theory, everything from simple notes reading, up to beautiful and authentic tunes of the Moroccan prayers.

How all of that deals with you!? So..

I read your article “Synagogue Ratings”. I was very impressed and excited.

I have a vision of setting our graduate student as cantors all over the Diaspora.

I thought to myself how I’m going to do that, until I found you.

When I saw your particular description, I immediately knew that you

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