Supporting Ukraine Is A Bigger Blunder Than Invading Iraq

In a speech uploaded to Youtube May 23, 2023, John J. Mearsheimer says supporting Ukraine against Russia is a much worse mistake than invading Iraq in 2003. “We committed a colossal blunder and I find it hard to see how we get out of this mess. It just looks like it goes on and on. When you start thinking about the consequences just for European-Russian relations moving forward. Talk about Nordstream. The Russians are going to be interfering in European politics, looking for cleavages and trying to exploit them. The Russians will look for cleavages in the trans-Atlantic relationship and trying to exploit those. We will be going to great lengths to undermine Russia economically and politically. They will be trying to wreck Ukraine and we will be trying to save Ukraine. Where does this end? We’ll all be dead and this will still be going on. There’s no deal, whether they bring in the Chinese or the Indians or someone from outer space.”

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