Seeking Justice In Jerusalem

Benji Kornbluth emails:

Dear Luke Ford,

I was wondering if I can ask your help on a matter.

I live in Israel and work in the Real-Estate field (it’s tough and making a living for me isn’t easy), last year tho a very wealthy orthodox Jew from Beverly Hills purchased a $3M holiday home here in Jerusalem with my help. For many months however he refused to pay the agents fees tho; I finally managed to get him into Beis Din, and they gave a PSAK for him to pay a reduced amount (PESHARA) and he STILL WONT PAY.

Over the course of the saga he has had me threatened with physical violence and mutilations a number of times, cursed me bitterly and spread vicious false rumours about me to my neighbours and friends.

The thing is that he’s a huge philanthropist (I would hate to call him a Ba’al Tzedaka) so most Rabanim are frightened to say a word to him.
He has lied to some prominent Gedolim about the case, they have themselves then been embarrassed by him when I confronted them.
The point is that this guy is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and I have a PSAK against him to pay a measly $38,500 to me and my brother, both guys in learning here in Eretz Yisrael.

The reason I turn to you is because the only way I managed to get him to sit in a Beis Din is because I threatened to destroy his name online, that provoked an immediate response and got him in the hot seat (where he lied through his teeth throughout the Din Torah BTW).

So if you think you could help me to put pressure on this scumbag and finally get him to pay up so that I can pay me rent, groceries, utilities etc. it would be enormously appreciated.

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