Rabbi Tropper’s PR Agent

Anne emails: You need to look into the role of Menachem Lubinsky in this affair. He is the PR frontman for EJF and Tropper, and he has always stepped in when Tropper has alienated people, which as an aggressive and intemperate pig he has tended to do fairly regularly. Lubinsky is the composer of last Monday’s EJF press release and he wrote all the so called statements by the various protagonists (Wachtfogel has since distanced himself from EJF and denied that he made any statement or accepted the role in EJF). Lubinsky has been working the phones all week trying to get rats to board the sinking ship that EJF has become. And of course the reason EJF can’t fall is because it is the key to obtaining Tom Kaplan’s money.

Who is curently signing EJF checks? If it is still Tropper then the whole resignation is phony – a cosmetic damage limitation exercise, cooked up by Lubinsky while a strategy is prepared – however ridiculous this may seem to you – for Tropper to rejoin the kiruv world, a humbled and repentant figure.

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