The Rat-a-tat of the Machine Gun of Love (12-25-22)

01:00 Seek and Hide: The Tangled History of the Right to Privacy,
04:00 Frank Harris, My Life and Loves,
07:00 Welcome to BazBall: Can England really fly?,
08:00 What is Bazball?
09:00 England’s cricket manager is from New Zealand,
30:20 Elon Musk’s casual support for guns
35:30 FT columnist quits twitter because it is low status,
54:0 The rise of Reform and the rabbinic response,
1:08:00 LAT: Colorado Springs wrestles with its religious, anti-LGBTQ past after gay nightclub shooting,
1:35:00 Rabbis too busy for their own kids,
1:57:30 Sounds like a Cult – 12 Step Programs,
2:10:00 Pavlova – the Aussie dessert,

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