The Decline and Fall of the Russian and Chinese Empires (9-16-22)

00:10 I’d like to teach the world to sing but I wound up here
02:00 The elites browbeat you to follow rules they ignore
13:00 Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t mess around getting rid of brown people to a Republican city
28:00 Christian nationalism
42:20 Putin’s tactical nukes ‘won’t be much use’ in Ukraine
46:20 The Collapse of Empires
50:00 China’s Economy Is Not Overtaking
52:00 America Is Not Ready for a War With China
59:50 The sins of our mother – the danger of believing in demons
1:10:00 Why Aren’t You Voting in Your Financial Self-Interest?
1:17:30 Talking to Our Selves: Reflection, Ignorance, and Agency

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