More Accurate Hypotheses About Life Reduce Anxiety & Prediction Error (8-25-22)

2:00 Tucker Carlson mocks the Trump covid vaccine
08:00 The Trait That ‘Super Friends’ Have in Common
19:00 The Cynical Genius Illusion: Exploring and Debunking Lay Beliefs About Cynicism and Competence
32:00 Economic Freedom Fighters singing ‘Kill the Boer’ ruled not hate speech
38:00 Tucker Carlson talks to Andrew Tate
43:30 The Brain has a Mind of its Own: Attachment, Neurobiology and the New Science of Psychotherapy
1:02:00 Nick Fuentes & Destiny Hangout IRL ft Wife Pt. 2 (Jewish Fan Shows Up)
1:38:00 Are Clown Candidates Ruining the GOP?
1:40:00 Inside the Investigation That Secured a Guilty Plea for 84 Wildfire Deaths
1:41:00 California Burning: The Fall of Pacific Gas and Electric—and What It Means for America’s Power Grid

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